Over the last few years, Altfield has introduced into the gallery a selection of antique and contemporary Indian jewellery, we also hold an annual exhibition in conjuction with Susan Ollemans, a leading London based dealer who specialized in 17th, 18th and 19th century Indian Jewellery art who has a particular interest in Mogul jewellery.

Pieces offered for sale during these exhibitions include elaborate Mogul style jewellery which is often worked with multi-colored enameling and inset with precious and semi-precious stones, as well as traditional everyday jewellery made of sold gold, particularly from the Southern parts of India, where it is often part of the marriage dowry. Gold earrings, bangles, chokers and necklaces with pendants and amulets are all generally included in our annual exhibition and also available through out the year.

Amanda Clark of Altfield also designs one of a kind necklaces with fine decorative old Indian gold beads. Inspired by the skilled craftsmanship of the past, she has designed a range of pieces, which incorporate old beads, amulets and pendants combined with a variety of other materials. Pearls, aquamarines, amethysts, peridots, citrines and tourmalines mixed with the best examples of old gold dowry jewellery, have been very well received and seem to cross the age divide, appealing to young and old alike.

The collection of Indian jewellery has expanded to include very finely worked modern gold elements made in the traditional manner by skilled young goldsmiths to Amanda Clark's designs. Old meets new, and East meets West are joined in a particularly distinctive style.