Altfield is pleased to present a collection of fine classic Chinese furniture in the March exhibition. Chinese classic furniture craftsmanship is one of the great art forms evolved in China with a long history and appreciated internationally nowadays. Since the early Song dynasty (960-1279A.D.) when Chinese transited from a mat culture to high level of seating, the techniques of furniture making has evolved from utilitarian to artistic form-follow-function. Furniture was in vogue among the wealthy and interior design was emphasized by the literati. Chinese furniture craftsmanship reached its apex during the late Ming to early Qing Dynasty (Mid 16th to early 18th century). The fine pieces featured in the exhibition were made in the 18th and 19th century, keeping the style and skill of furniture craftsmanship of the golden apex years. There are a long folding chair (an original piece evolved from the first prototype of portable stool "huchuang-barbaric bed" from foreigners during the Han Dynasty), square tables "8-immortals tables" (used as dining tables), pairs of meditations stools (Duality for natural balance and harmony, seats used for seeking tranquility and inspirations), canopy beds (a bed with a roof providing individual privacy), painting tables (Scholar's working tables), horse shoe chairs and many more. All are excellent collectible and functional decorative furniture with historic value and cultural characteristic for modern interiors.