We are pleased to present an exhibition of fine classical Chinese furniture this month in our Central gallery and Aberdeen gallery annex. All the pieces are selected to be representative of the refined taste of the prosperous Scholar gentleman of the 18th & 19th century.

Throughout China's long history the scholar's studio provided the space for the scholar to live his literalti life, in which to purse the four arts- calligraphy, painting, musci and chess, and to meet with friends and appreciate antique artifacts, while noudition. The decor reflected the taste and lifestyle of the scholar, and therefore the selection of scholarly furniture and decorations was very carefully made, in order to be both practical but also an expression of refined taste.

Our exhibition will take place in both locations, in order for some of the large painting tables, cabinets and screens to be displyed in a spacious environmnet with high ceilings. We do hope you will visit us in both locations and look forward to sharing with you this fine collection of classic antique furniture.