Altfield Gallery is pleased to present this Autumn an exhibition of fine antique Chinese furniture from the Northern provinces. These pieces are heralded for their simplicity and elegant clean lines, and are sought after by both classic antique collectors and contemporary art collectors. They draw upon aesthetic traditions which date back over a 1000 years, and yet they have a sculptural clarity that is quite modern in its purity.

A number of exceptional altar tables are included in the show, including flush-sided, recessed-leg and plank-sided examples of great refinement; as well as storage and display pieces in both wood and lacquer finishes, for use in a Scholar's studio. Of particular interest is a pair of exceptional black lacquer compound cabinets finely painted with flowers and butterflies of very fine quality. An exceptional pair of armchairs with unusual fan-shaped seats commissioned for a literati client, as well as an early 18th century stacked and metal bound storage chest are also included.
Many of the Northern provinces continued to create simple and refined styles, and remained unaffected by the elaborate Qing aesthetic which developed at Court and in the Southern coastal areas. They are extremely easy to integrate into contemporary homes, and as the collecting market for fine furniture in China is now very strong, it becomes increasingly difficult to find good pieces these days.

The exhibition is being held in both our Central Gallery and Aberdeen Annex Showroom, in order for some of the larger sized painting tables, cabinets and screens to be displayed in a spacious environment with high ceilings. We look forward to seeing you at both locations and to the chance to display a wonderful selection of the best antique furniture styles in the market.