CELEBRATING 30 YEARS - September 2012
Altfield Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of exquisite antique Chinese furniture as part of the celebrations to mark its 30th anniversary, defining the passion of its managing directors for the finest antique Chinese furniture and its deep-rooted culture behind.

When Altfield Gallery was opened in 1982, it was the first business to focus on indigenous Chinese furniture made in the 18th and 19th centuries for both town and village homes, from all the different provinces of China with a strong tradition in carpentry and furniture manufacture. Prior to that time, a few old businesses dealing in Southern hardwood and marble inlaid late Qing pieces were found along Hollywood Road near the coffin makers, but no one had travelled into China to source a wider and more appealing variety of furniture, that appealed to Western as well as Southern Chinese tastes.

Founded by David Halperin an American lawyer, and Amanda Lack Clark a designer whose family had links to Hong Kong through four generations, the most important step to set up the business, was to bring out to Hong Kong several English furniture restorers to help train their carpenters and refinishers and set up the important restoration workshop. This commitment to fine workmanship, scholarship and a carefully edited stock of finely chosen pieces has continued over the 30 year history of the business, and is the reason the business has flourished. Aside from Hong Kong collectors, visiting tourists and the design community, Altfield sells internationally to dealers and collectors across the world.

The collection of pieces chosen for September's exhibition exemplifies the finesse of Ming dynasty style furniture in which Altfield Gallery specializes. Each piece was carefully selected for the ultimate form following function in design, meticulous craftsmanship, beautiful wood grain, intricate carving and elegant ornamentation.

The exhibited pieces include a fine, early 18th century raised coffer featuring refined carving of sinuous dragons, side tables with simple yet elegant Ming features such as humpback stretchers and vertical struts, a superb and unique "gold nuggets" storage cabinet inlaid with floral carving and semi-precious stone decorations, a red lacquer wedding canopy bed with auspicious motifs, large tiered carrying boxes for gifts, a louhan bed with lattice railings, scholar cabinets, official's hat armchairs, incense stands, k'ang tables and more...

These antique furniture pieces with their elegant and true-to-the-form Ming proportions were cherished by the most discerning literati and nobles in the past. They are still fit for the fine furniture connoisseurs of today and, above all, work wonderfully in today's interior d├ęcor.

We cordially invite you to visit and celebrate with us our thirty years as part of Hong Kong's art and antique community, with some of the finest antique Chinese furniture in Hong Kong.