Susan Ollemans is returning to the Altfield Gallery for her annual Exhibition if Jewellery from the Asian Region.

The theme this year is on design. In early Chinese, Indian and South East Asian jewellery there is a sense of clean and modern design on pieces of jewellery made 1000 years ago. Nothing it seems is new.

The jewellery on view from South East dates from the 5th Century BC and includes glass split earrings from Cambodia and Laos. These were ritual jewels but could not be more contemporary in design. Gold from Java is on view dating from the 9th Century( Classical Java ) through to the wonderful gold of Sulawesi made during the 19th Century.

From China a fine collection of jewels from the Liao, Song and Ming Dynasties and finally from India there are pieces from the Ghandaran period 5th century through to the jewels of the Tamil Nadu region in the South of India bold in design.
There is a rare carved Colombian emerald of 56 carats believed to have been owned by the last King of Oudh Wajid Ali Khan.

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