Altfield are proud to display in their main Central gallery a new collection of hand-worked solid silver items exclusively designed by Atlfield and made by talented Asian silversmiths. The pieces includes vases and bowls as well as table-top pieces and sculptural forms. Every piece is individually beaten out, shaped and carved and coaxed into its final form by hand, and therefore displays its own particular beauty.
The pieces are inspired by Chinese and South East Asian antique forms which are then reworked with a Western eye for style and function. The decoration plays with refined Chinese motifs such as lotus, bamboo and clouds to create a ravishing group of hand-beaten and carved bowls, platters and containers. The most spectacular pieces include lovely lotus flower trays, lotus leaf trays and hammered lily pad platters. Lotus symbolize purity of heart and mind because of it's ability to bloom beautifully even in muddy water.
Another wonderful collection of new silver swirl vases have just been brought into the gallery, these powerful contemporary solid silver forms are the result of hand-hammered repousse╠ĺ and chasing techiques. Created from 90% pure silver, the vases come in a variety of sizes, and each one demonstrates an intriguing play of light and reflection on its dappled surface.
Whether displayed individually as a sculptural decorative object or massed into table settings and collections, the beauty of the silver and the skilled traditional craftsmanship can be appreciated. Old and new ideas combine to form contemporary pieces that work in both modern and traditional environments.
The beauty and versatility of techniques such as hand beating and repousse╠ĺ work go to create a stunning collection of pieces that are not just visually beautiful for a collector, but fuctional too.