In a world where branding is everything, it is refreshing to see an exhibition of ancient jewels that stand alone for their workmanship and uniqueness.

The annual exhibition at Altfield Gallery in February, with Susan Ollemans, a jewellery dealer from London, focuses on pieces of wearable jewellery, made in countries across Asia and date from the 3rd century through to the 19th Century.

The pieces coming from Thailand that date to the early kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayuthyia rival anything that Bulgari thought of in the use of multi-coloured stones piled high on each other, set in delicate gold mounts.

From Java and the early Classical periods of the 9-12th century are elegant gold rings modern in design but embodying the spirit of the ancients in the use of symbols such as the lotus, for peace and continued life .

From India a lovely group of dowry jewellery made to liberate and empower brides of the Indian sub-continent is rich in diamond, rubies and enamelling. The Mughal courts of the 17th Century excelled in fluidity of line, richness of materials and attention to detail. They are the most sought after pieces of jewellery. There are a few examples from this period including a fine white nephrite jade sword attachment inset with Navartana stones.

Lastly a group of jewellery from China dating from the Song through to the Qing Periods is delicate and feminine.

Not only are the pieces in this exhibition unique, but affordable. There is something for everyone. We welcome you to come and appreciate the unique workmanship of the jewellery from across Asia, and feast your eyes on some special treasures.