Building on their last few collections, Altfield will be introducing in November a fine collection of jewellery that incorporates the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional Asian goldsmiths, combined with pearls, gemstones, coral and amber to create a wonderful mixture of unique 'one of a kind' designs.

The golden hues of Autumn are captured in a striking collection of Eastern European amber necklaces, with deep golds, browns, creams and cherry red colour tones. This extraordinary natural material is the perfect compliment to the Autumn fashion palette, when mixed with 18 carat gold and the finest South Sea pearls.

A striking new collection of gold earrings, chain necklaces and cuffs and bangles is also being shown. These use the finest techniques of the Asian goldsmiths such as granulation, hammering and filigree work in contemporary forms and shapes, as well as modified traditional tribal forms that are updated for today's fashionable woman.

"Our clients are self-confident and want individual pieces of jewellery that are not mass produced" says Amanda Lack Clark of Altfield who designs the pieces. "We like combining the Eastern techniques and traditions, in a contemporary Western way, to produce very expressive and unique pieces. Our clients respond to that mixture."